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Geo Bags

KTTL NonWoven Needle Punched GeoBag

KTTL Nonwoven Geo bag / Geotextiles sand container (GSC) are versatile and highly robust engineered containers made out of Needle punched nonwoven Polypropylene or Recycled PET fabric, which is stitched from three sides and open from one side. It is designed to be filled with soil available on site and easily installed at the construction of marine and hydraulic structures. KTTL Geobag / GSC is used for the protection of hydraulic structures and riverbanks from severe erosion and scouring.

KTTL Geobag / GSC can be customized as per end use application in different sizes that suits the requirements of site design and installation.

KTTL Geobag / GSC is Eco-friendly and not harmful to water animal kingdom.

Why KTTL Geobag / Geotextiles Sand container (GSC):
  • Affordable price with global standard specification and fastest delivery.

  • Less cost as compared to conventional erosion protection work using C.C. Block, gravel, hard rock etc.

  • Light weight, Low maintenance & transport cost, easy installation, less storage space required at construction works.

  • The filling material like sand can be used as locally available, which reduce thetransportation cost.

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KTTL GEOCOMPOSITE As per Morth 704 (Mimimum Values)

(Heat Bonded geonet with Bothside Geotextile)

Test Method EN 150 ISO
Sr. No Property Test Method Unit Values
1 Thickness of Composite EN ISO 9863 mm 5
2 Tensil Strength EN ISO 10319 kn/m 16
3 CBR Puncture strenght EN ISO 12236 N 3000
4 Mass per Unit Area EN ISO 12236 g/m2 710
5 In Plane Water Flow EN ISO 12958 1/m.s
6 100kpa/200kpa EN ISO 12958 1/m.s/td>

  • Versatility and robustness.
  • High strength and durability.
  • Restrict the loss of sand through tidal and wave currents.
  • Uncontaminated water ultimately seeps out of the geobags, retaining solids within for easy disposal.
  • Excellent abrasive resistance.
  • Easy to install and maintain. Cost-effective and reversible solution.
KTTL GEO BAGS Applications:
  • Flood Protection

  • Erosion control

  • Shoreline protection
  • Construction of ports, dams & harbors, Scour protection.
  • Riverbank protection.

  • Seawalls and revetments.

  • Temporary bunds.

  • Hydraulic structure.