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Pavement Fabric

KTTL PP Pavement Fabric

KTTL PP Pavement Fabric is a nonwoven needle-punched made from high quality polypropylene staple fibres. This pavement fabric is a strong, flexible and dimensionally stable fabric structure, with optimum bitumen retention capacity. KTTL Pavement interlayer designed to create a moisture-resistant barrier, retard reflective cracking and stand up to high-temperature hot-mix designs. The high quality KTTL PP Pavement Fabric, when installed on a bituminous tack coat, performs as a Stress-Absorbing Membranes Interlayer (SAMI) and inhibits the upward propagation of cracks from the underlying pavement into the overlay, which is referred tobe a reflective crack control.

KTTL PP Pavement Fabric exhibits critical bitumen retention properties that ensures sound adhesion between the old and new surfacing layers. This encourages bitumen to be drawn up from the tack coat and provides for an easy installation that results in a strong bond being developed between the fabric and underlying surface, forms a permanent waterproof barrier that prevents moisture or water penetration into the road base from surface, this protects the subsoil from water intrusion through the pavement and any subsequent reduction in bearing capacity.

Benefits of KTTL Pavement Fabric

  • Develop excellent bond to the existing pavement and the new overlay.
  • Acts as a stress relieving interlayer

  • Provides moisture barrier

  • Effectively retards reflective cracking

  • Extends the road life

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Product Datasheet

Mechanical properties

Properties Standard Unit KTPF 150
Tensile strength ASTM D 4595 kN / m 8.5
Elongation ASTM D 4595 % > 50
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM D 4632 N 470
Grab Tensile Elongation ASTM D 4632 % > 55
Dynamic perforation Cone drop EN ISO 13433 mm 25
Puncture Strength (CBR) ASTM D 6241 N 1550

Physical Properties

Properties Standard Unit KTPF 150
Mass/unit ASTM D 5261 gsm/td> 150
AreaThickness ASTM D 5199 mm 1.0

Other Properties

Properties Standard Unit KTPF 150
Bitumen retention ASTM D 6140- 2010 Kg/m 1.2
Melting point ASTM D 276 °C 165
Advantages of KTTL Pavement Fabric
  • Provides long-term waterproofing layer
  • Extends the pavement lifecycle in highways, streets, parking lots and airport runways
  • Stress relieving membrane
  • Reduces Reflective Cracking
  • Aides in Pavement Flexibility
  • Substantially Decreases Water Intrusion
  • Cost effective
Applications of KTTL Pavement Fabric
  • Applications of KTTL Pavement Fabric
  • Asphalt overlay on flexible pavement
  • SAsphalt overlay on rigid pavement –a layer of DBM/BC should be provided on rigid pavement